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Canon Toner Cartridge Return Program

As part of its Clean Earth Campaign in Canada, the Canon Cartridge Return Program has collected more than 3 million cartridges that otherwise would have been discarded into landfills and has significantly reduced the volume of waste. Under the program, returned cartridges are put through a recycling and energy recovery process. This program produces plastics, metals and reconditioned parts that can be used in the manufacture of cartridges and other products.

Becoming a part of this worthwhile program is easy. When your cartridge is of no further use, simply follow the instructions detailed for Canadian residents. We appreciate your support of the Canon Cartridge Return Program. Working together, we can make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner planet.

Please click here to retrieve a cartridge return label.

Packaging Instructions (Single Cartridge Return):

Please Note:

HP Supplies Recycling Program for Samsung Toner

To recycle your Samsung toner cartridge, follow six easy steps:

Ricoh Toner Bottle and Cartridge Recycling

For small amounts of recyclables (1-2 toner cartridges/bottles per week):

For larger amounts of recyclables (3+ toner cartridges/bottles per week):

Kyocera Canada Toner Recycling Program

Find out more about our Toner Recycling Program to learn just how easy it is to dispose of used toners sustainably.

Only five steps: